In an old private house
with a rich history Time
to experience the culture
and natural features of

  • NIPPONIA 吹き抜け 階段
  • KUMOTSUKI 佐用川の景色
  • NIPPONIA 夜の様子
  • NIPPONIA 平福 宿場町
  • NIPPONIA 吹き抜け 階段
  • KUMOTSUKI 佐用川の景色
  • NIPPONIA 夜の様子

In a townscape that retains the atmosphere of a post town
Staying in an old private house as if you were living there

The Hirafuku district of Sayo Town, Hyogo Prefecture, lies at the foot of Rikan Castle, which was built in the early Edo period. The charm of the area lies in the townscape that retains the atmosphere of the days when the area flourished as a post town.

This old private house was renovated from the former Kimura Residence, the main building of the former Kimura Sake Brewery. Please experience the history, rich food culture, and nature while staying in the townscape that reminds you of the history of the town, which was the best post town on the Inaba Highway.

A Living room with a view of the courtyard.

A view of the entrance atrium

Local Residents Welcome You

Our facility is supported by local residents who know the town well. The manager of the hotel is a rice farmer in town. The staff is also managed by local residents. We hope you will visit Hirafuku, Sayo Town, and get to know the town more deeply and get involved in it. This is the point of contact between the town and those with such curiosity. It is such a hotel.

Disseminating the unique food culture of the region

Breakfast is served with rice grown by the manager. Miso soup is made with miso made from home-grown soybeans. Please enjoy the taste that gently accompanies your body. We offer dishes that use plenty of vegetables produced from local farmers. The restaurant is a place that embodies the concept “from farm to table”.

Course dinner served with Plan B (The main course is Kobe beef.)

Facility Overview

The atmosphere of those days

Rustic clay walls. Leakage marks on the ceiling.

In a normal renovation, some parts would be replaced, but in this facility, we have intentionally left them as they are. This is because we want visitors to feel the “accumulation of time” that the building holds.

On the other hand, there are some inconveniences such as cold winters due to the gaps left.

In the past, Japanese houses were built with priority given to the summer. We invite you to experience life in an old minka house while thinking about the lifestyle of those days.

NIPPONIA 平福 宿場町 当時の趣

Guest Rooms

Newness in a nostalgic setting. The tatami living room is furnished with tatami mats and zabuton (Japanese cushions), while the boarded living room is furnished with a sofa.

The kitchen table, upstairs counter, and other built-in furniture are upcycled from a large amount of leftover sake barrel wood.

NIPPONIA 平福 宿場町 客室

Hinoki Bath

The former Kimura Residence has a large courtyard. Relax on the veranda, or enjoy the view from the tatami room. Please spend your time forgetting about the time.

The bath in particular is a special space. You can enjoy the garden view from the bath made of Hyogo cypress, and enjoy an extraordinary time.

NIPPONIA 平福 宿場町 ヒノキ風呂


Delivering a unique dish from the place where the food comes from.



NIPPONIA 平福宿場町では

  • 日替わりランチ
  • おまかせコース





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